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Free Policies & Procedures

As a registered childminder, it is essential that you have written policies and procedures in place and that you share these with parents as they explain and demonstrate how you operate your business.

Writing a policy means putting down on paper how you run your setting day to day, and what you would do if several specific events occurred. Having this information in writing helps you to demonstrate that your setting meets legal guidelines, an important factor in getting a good Ofsted grading. Writing your policies will also help you plan for emergencies when you don’t have time to work out what the correct procedure is from scratch. This means it is important that your policies are easy to understand; they don’t need to be legal sounding documents. Simple and clear explanations are easier to write and easier for parents and other professionals to understand. In this article, I’ll break down writing a policy into individual steps to help you understand the process you need to follow. You can then apply to any policy you need to write.

The below policies and procedures cover many of the things you will need to have and you are free to copy & paste them for personal use only. These items must not be resold or copied to any other website and by copying the policies you are agreeing to this condition of use.

Accident Policy
Admissions Policy
Alcohol and Drugs Policy
Allegations of Abuse Policy
Asthma Policy
Bullying Policy
Care Learning & Play Policy
Childminding Safety On Outings Policy
Childminder Sickness Policy
Child Minding Observation Policy
Complaints Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Dropping Off & Collection Policy
Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Fire Policy
Head Lice Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
Inclusion Policy
Internet Policy
Language Policy
Large Garden Equipment Policy
Late Fee Payment
Lost Child Policy
Managing Behaviour Policy
Medicine Policy
Nappy & Toilet Training Policy
No Smoking Policy
Other Adults in the House Policy
Over 8’s Childminding Policy
Pet & Animal Policy
Policy On Biting
Procedure For Allegations of Abuse Against a Childminder
Safeguarding Children Policy
Sandpit Policy
Settling In Policy
Sick Child Policy
Sleeping Baby Policy
Special Needs Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Television Policy
Terrorist Attack or National Emergency Policy
Video Games Policy
Visitors To the Home Policy

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